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  1. Heyho for GreatGran!

    (2nd attempt!

    Having had an active life it is now very hard to accept not being able to do lots of things that I used to do. I know I should be grateful for having had a chance to do things like gardening etc.... but I do soo miss not being able to dance! Line dancing was my favourite pastime and I would spend three to four nights a week following my passion. Ten years at least now and I still have times that I sit and cry.... but who am I kidding?! I'm a great gran now and what else
  2. Heyho for GreatGran!

    [U]January 11th 2013

    I posted on here but found what I had written too upsetting at the time! ..

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  3. Sebastian has arrived

    Sebastian has arrived Nov. 19. He is perfect and a happy baby. He has a 2 cm lipoma on the sacral region and it is closed. He is moving well and and problems at this time. We see the specialist in a couple of weeks followed up by the SB clinic. Happy that he is here and to have him home.

    Diagnosed at 22 weeks with closed lipomenigocle and tethered cord.

    Wes and MaryClick image for larger version. 

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