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As I said in my last post, physio has left me to 'get on with it', and one thing I am still struggling with is strength. My second cousin has a friend who has been through this sugery in a similar situation to me, but she had the benefit of being in a rehabilitation centre, and was having intense physio. The second cousin said the other day that I need to be exercising the 'trapezius muscle' and the 'Rhomboideous muscle'. Having looked at a diagram online, these are muscles in the upper back, which are going to be very had for me to exercise but presumable get exercise just from me raising my arms?? I still don't think that is going to influence the strength in my arm. Anyone got ideas how I'm going to regain my strength? My stamina seems to be better now, but strength still needs work.

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  1. Dodger67's Avatar
    If you no longer have a regular physio, perhaps a gym instructor (with exprience of sport injuries) may be useful.
  2. M A R K's Avatar
    I don't really have the finances for joining a gym.