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Have had a busy week toing and froing from the vets with my dog for eye drops every day(there's no way on this earth he would let me do them)as my dogsitter/walker is away this week. On one day, I did something which nearly rendered my right arm with something torn. Can't remember wexactly what I did, but I put my arm on something in a posiition that is was not at all happy with, and I really thought something was going to pop. Life in a powered wheelchair is becoming a real reality!!

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  1. Dodger67's Avatar
    You're scaring me! The only real difference between you and me is that I have not yet torn my rotator cuff...
  2. M A R K's Avatar
    Sorry Roger. Not intending to scare anyone, but I am really starting to realise that the strength going from my arm has had a huge impact on the way I live my life now. All I can say is look after your arms. I do believe you have a few years on me. You haven't hit your 50's yet?? I never imagined that forty five years or so of propping myself up in bed to get from a laying position to a sitting position would one day result in a life-changing injury, but it happened! I'm just thankful that the other arm has not yet had the same injury, and that I now have a bed that will sit me up, and a powered chair to take the strain.

    I blame the physio for not addressing stength and helping me to build that up again, but resources are tight.
  3. Dodger67's Avatar
    I'll be 48 in a few weeks. I've always been the strong "tough guy" type. In my teens I easily bench-pressed 140kg (about 300lb), but I wouldn't dare try lifting more than half that now.
    I've told my girlfriend that's her maximum weight limit... (It's mine too!)
  4. Tigerle's Avatar
    140 kg or half that? LOL, with 140 kg you might be really in trouble healthwise!
  5. Dodger67's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tigerle
    140 kg or half that? LOL, with 140 kg you might be really in trouble healthwise!
    Oh no, definitely half! We're both trying to get down to 70kg and stay there...