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Life has been going on smoothly lately, with nothing to really record, but this past couple of days, I've been starting to get twinges of pain in my arm again. I have still been making efforts to strengthen the muscles in my arm, and a record of photographs, have shown that the muscle definition in my arm is starting to improve, but these twinges are worrying.

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  1. Dodger67's Avatar
    If the "twinges" are more than one might expect from excercising hard perhaps a chat with a physio is justified?
  2. M A R K's Avatar
    I'm trying desperately not to do anything too strenuous so as not to disturb the balance of the arm, but it doesn't seem to take much to upset it, since the surrounding muscles are still quite weak.

    A chat with a physio in this country would probably mean going to GP and asking for a referral back to the physios I was seeing. In my opinion, the second physio discharged me too quickly, and didn't do any work with me to strengthen the arm. If it continues I will get an appointment to see GP.