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    Default Sacroiliac (SI) Joint pain - I think...

    Woke up yesterday morning and stood up fine until I took that first step and experienced lower back pain. Wouldn't be too unusual except it felt more "nervy" than muscle pain. I continued my morning routine only feeling slight pain with certain movement, though not enough to keep me from going to work. Through out the day I felt weakness on my left leg but all bearable. In the evening and this morning I felt more specific pain on the pelvic area in the back and when pressed that area if felt very specific to the joint.

    I did something dangerous and Googled a few things and from what is sounds like is Sacroiliac (SI) Joint pain. The pain symptoms were consistent, including pain through the leg and weakness which is what I have been experiencing. And based on what I read it can be due to walking, or overuse (plus other things that matched my situation). This is affecting my right leg that does most of the "work".

    I will see a doctor for a proper diagnosis but thought I'd come here and see if anyone has experienced or been diagnosed with this problem. I'll start with PCP but not sure who I need a referral to - neurosurgeon (though there does not seem to be a need for surgery) or a pain medicine doctor in combination with PT?

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    Isn't it an orthopedic issue rather than neurosurgery? Either way hope you get a solution soon.
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    I have had similar kind of pain also. For years I think. I can't remember when it started or when I first noticed it. It usually occurs when lying on my back on a harder surface (floor, ground, etc.). Sometimes it hurts when sitting also. It lasts for a while after getting up but usually settles after walking around a bit. It haven't been bothering me a while now but it feels good to finally know the possible reason for this pain. I haven't seen any specialist for this because the pain is so on/off kind of thing, not always bothering... Haven't been experiencing any pain in my legs. The pain always stays in lower back and pelvic area, maybe right side mostly.


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