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    There were not many places doing it when I last looked into custom shoes but I would definetely google. The places that do it are often making shoes for business people and some have more or less experience doing the shoes for people with significant foot issues. Generally since they are custom you can really work with the person making them to get the look you want. If I remember correctly since none were anywhere near me I would have had to have an orthopedist make molds of my feet and the first pair of shoes would have come to between 800-1200 total. So a pricey investment! At one point I had very short braces that were not really visible outside of my shoes. You can also get your braces colored (usually you have to pay extra) to match shoes and make them less visible. Good luck in finding something that works for you!!

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    Hello Izzy and Dodger,

    Now I remember why I always hated hospitals so much . The appointment that I planned with my orthopedist for the 28'th of October has been postponed for two times. Such a mess 

    I finally had my check-up last Monday. Blood levels, kidney- and bladder function were okay(as always), my blood pressure was a bit too high. Not a big deal though, according to my orthopedist.

    A bit sad that my feet are pretty swollen since a while again. Fortunately, this is only caused by some recurring inflammations due to the inactivity of my legs. My orthopedist adviced me a special pair of compression stockings. They should be really helpful, I've been told.

    The X-ray revealed nothing spectacular. I've always had 'moderate scoliosis', but it hasn't worsened for a very long time.

    Off course, I talked with my orthopedist about my wish to stop using my AFO's. I explained all of my arguments and point of view.

    I must say, my orthopedist responded really great. He really took his time for me and told me everything I wanted to know.

    I have had surgery on both my feet at a very young age because of severe 'equinus deformity'. This deformity already manifested itself before I was born. After I was born, this malformation only got worse.

    Both my feet are pretty well aligned nowadays, but especially Equinus Deformity seems to have a very large number of recurrence.

    I'm afraid that my feet are very weak, because as soon as I have an inflammation and they get swollen, they start to bend in every direction in a matter of days

    Attachment 3418

    I now totally understand that stop wearing my braces isn't an option for me. I have heard of deformities which got so awful that it wasn't even possible anymore to wear shoes...

    I also talked about the possibility of exchanging my AFO'S for Orthopedic Shoes. This seems to be very difficult because of the state of my ankles.

    I'm very disappointed that my feet aren't in such a good condition as I thought they were. On the other hand, I am very happy for all of the information that everyone has provided me with!

    If anyone has any tips/ advice for nice shoes that match with AFO'S, I would love to hear from you guys. I currently have a nice pair of Nike's and a pair of Pumas, for daily activities. I have never succeeded in buying a nice pair of classy shoes for special occasions

    I'm also thinking about getting another pair of AFO socks, maybe in another color. My wheelchair basketball shorts are red/white.

    Does anyone know a good webshop for Orthotic socks?
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    I have never succeeded in buying a nice pair of classy shoes for special occasions.
    This remembers me of a very funny(but at the moment embarrassing) story;

    A doorman at a nightclub tried to deny my entrance once because I was wearing sneakers
    I had to explain everything to him before he let me in :')

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