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    When I get nerve pain in my back and legs I often feel very tired and worn out. Do any of you or your children experience this? Is there anything besides nerve pain medication that helps reduce your nerve pain? My pain really limits me either due to the pain itself or the exhaustion that comes with it. Using a wheelchair helps tremendously but I'm still waiting to find out if my insurance is going to pay for mine. In the meantime and in case my insurance denies my chair (which is highly likely) I was hoping maybe some of you had some advice or suggestions.

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    Hi Mimo,

    I have a closed tube neural defect, so I am not sure if my situation is applicable to you! Nerve pain sucks! I have heard they can cut the nerves if it is reallg bad and they can figure out which ones are causing the pain. I hope you get your wheelchair approved! Some organizations have used wheelchairs they can donate if your insurance wont cover the cost.

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    Thank you Izzy2015! I think I'm considered to have a closed neural tube defect too. Yes there is a secondhand medical supply company in my city and I have their info hands. I just hate this whole waiting period. Also since I had shoulder surgery earlier this year which lead to me loosing my job I have zero money to contribute towards a chair. The one I selected through my insurance was (not really the one I wanted, but) covered in full and I could only pick a couple of accessories and had to go with the basic standard on everything else. As long as I get a decent chair I can save up for the accessories and stuff later. But this waiting is just so frustrating.
    lipomyelomeningocele, tethered cord, nerve damage began as a young adult, still have lots to learn about living with SB!

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    Have you looked at a neurostimulator to control the pain?
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    I have a neurostimulator. It was an easy surgery, and it really helps a lot with the pain. It's a two step process to get one. First, you have a "trial" period, where they implany two leads (little wires) one on each side of your spinal cord that are connected to a little handheld remote control. You can try the system out that way, temporarily, to see if it actually helps you. If it does, the second step is a permanent implant.


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