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    Default chronicly constipated baby and sacral dimple..realted?

    My son is 3 months old. He was born with a deep sacral dimple, had an ultrasound on it at 2 weeks, nothing big was noted and all looked normal. He pooped great the first 2 weeks on his own but when he reached 2 weeks old he completly stopped pooping unless i helped with suppositories. His poop was always soft ( breastfed) and normal. He had went 19 days before i gave a suppository and he pooped a few minutes after.
    I had went to childrens er at this point because my family doctor wasnt being as proactive about it as i would have liked, she just kept saying to use restoralax but that hasnt helped a thing. At er the pediatric gi said to start hypoallergenic formula incase its a milk allergy. Thing is he has had no signs of allergy, no rashes,no bloody poop, nothing!Its been 3 weeks on the formula and he has a random explosive poop every few days on his own but i still help with suppositories at thiss point.
    We saw a pediatric surgeon and she was sure it was hirshprungs so he had a bowel biopsy last week and are awaiting results.
    My motherly instinct is telling me it has something to do with his dimple. He does have good movement in his legs and lots of wet diapers, its just his bowels having problems aat this point.
    Does this sound like it could do with his dimple?

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    It is possible. Has the dimple been properly investigated, spinal MRI or ultrasound?
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    Ultrasound is not good enough to penetrate the bones so it is not clear enough ever for baby. To pay safe, see weather your neurosurgeon could arrange a whole spine (epecially the conus area) MRI then you could have the whole picture.


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